Our Resources

Our Resources

Over years of evaluating clients for learning disabilities and related disorders, as well as meeting with families, we have many resources that we’ve found to be useful for any parent or student looking for a little extra support.

Our Guests

Melanie Florsheim – Gateway Growth and Development

Michael Snyder – Michael Snyder Coaching

Dr. Charles Shidlofsky – Neuro Vision Associates of North Texas

Amy and Michael Gehan – Achieve Speech & Hearing

Betsy Williams – Top Pediatric Therapy

Beth McGaw – Launch Pad Consulting Group

Hannah Ross

Dr. Lindsay Berry – Vision Advancement Center

Cheryl Susman – Cheryl Susman ADHD Coaching

Tracy Otsuka – ADHD for Smart Ass Women Podcast

Kendra Wagner – Reading, Writing, Thinking

Darius Namdaran – BulletMap Academy

Stacy Harari

Leslie Josel – Order Out Of Chaos

Jen Benna – Jennifer Benna Consulting

Danielle Winton – Memory Strategies

Amy Whipple – Amy Whipple Advocate LLC

Tim Niermeyer – Next Step College to Career Coaching

Trina Haynes – My Lady ADHD

Mary Smith – Chaos Free ADHD

Brooke Schnittman – Coaching With Brooke

Bianca Busch – Psychiatrist and Therapist

Nikkole Mampe and Naomi Studevan – Fusion Academy

Nathan Talley, B.S – Brehm Preparatory School

Mark Dipietro – Landmark College

Evan Weinberger – Staying Ahead of the Game

Dr. Justin Chelette – Texas Vision Therapy

Lindsay Hollmuller – Dallas Integrated Counseling

Patrick Mulick

Jake Sussman – Superpower Mentors

Sue Zapf – Interactive Metronome

Krys Kornmeier – Normal Isn’t Real

Jennifer King – Dysgraphia Life

Cathi Graveline – AT Specialist

Polly Benson – LegiLiner

Jennifer Hasser – Syllables Learning Center

Tim Stanton – Orcam

Professional Organizations

Books we recommend!