Episode 17 – Dyscalculia

Let's Talk Learning Disabilities
Episode 17 - Dyscalculia

In this Episode, Laurie and Abbey discuss dyscalculia, what it is, and what it is not. They lay out what the common symptoms and evidence for having dyscalculia are, and how to cope with it.


Touch math


A few sites for math gap filling and skill building:

Math Problem Solving Mnemonic:
ORDER (Observe the problem, Read the signs, Decide which operation to do first, Execute the rule of order (Many Dogs Are Smelly = x, /, +, -), Relax, you’re done!
EQUAL (Examine what is on each side, Question: Is it addition or
multiplication?, Use circles and lines for addition; use groups and tallies
for multiplication, Answer by drawing the totals for each side, Label equal or not equal.
PEMDAS – Order of operations (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication,
Division, Addition, Subtraction)

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